High Quality Proprietary Process

Explore Eurofins CALIXAR's advanced high-quality process for developing fully native, stable, and functional proteins. Our expertise in membrane and soluble proteins ensures the maintenance of structure and integrity in unmutated and untruncated targets, including proprietary proteins.

Enhancing protein design - elevating biochemistry 

Eurofins CALIXAR’s core mission revolves around the isolation of native, functional, and integral membrane proteins. Our dedication extends to deorphanization, identifying membrane or soluble protein targets, and providing unparalleled solutions for drug discovery endeavors.

One of the hallmarks of Eurofins CALIXAR's Custom Protein Services is our ability to adapt production conditions according to the specific characteristics of your target proteins. This flexibility enables us to fine-tune every step of the production process, ensuring that the resulting proteins meet your precise requirements.

Innovative protein technology at Eurofins CALIXAR: transforming drug discovery through advanced biochemistry

At Eurofins CALIXAR, we understand the significance of custom proteins in driving scientific advancements. Our commitment to cutting-edge Protein Design Technology and advanced techniques ensures that you receive functionally superior proteins with native and full-length structures. Whether you're delving into the complexities of membrane proteins or exploring the versatility of soluble proteins, our Custom Protein Services are designed to be your trusted resource in the pursuit of scientific excellence.

With our patented technology, we excel at preserving the structural and functional integrity of membrane proteins. This cutting-edge technological platform is meticulously designed to preserve the structural and functional integrity of these proteins throughout the expression, extraction, and purification processes. Unlike conventional methods that may involve protein modifications, our approach focuses on modifying the chemical environment to match the inherent chemistry of the proteins and antigens. This ensures the conservation of the targets' functional and structural integrities, thereby significantly enhancing the quality of the proteins for successful drug discovery applications.

Eurofins CALIXAR's unique combination of expertise in the biochemistry of integral membrane proteins (IMP) and the chemistry of stabilizing reagents positions us as leaders in the field, offering a technology-driven solution that is adaptable to various membrane proteins and challenging soluble proteins. Our commitment to "Designing the best chemistry to make the best biochemistry" reflects our dedication to advancing drug discovery through state-of-the-art technology. 

Coupled with our commitment to quality from gene expression to purification, we stand by your side, dedicated to delivering the excellence your projects demand. Our focus on high-quality processes ensures that your research is built on a sturdy foundation, increasing your prospects for groundbreaking discoveries in the world of pharmaceuticals and biotechnology.


  • Universal Targets - Hundreds of membrane proteins (GPCRs, Ion channels, Signaling,...) and soluble proteins (kinases, enzymes,...), which are difficult to stabilize in solution.
  • Extreme Accuracy - Produced in the best proper conditions by Continuously determining new reagents (detergents/ surfactants,…) with unique chemical facilities.
  • Native Excellence - Precision in isolating fully native proteins for optimum functionality, patented technology for membrane proteins.
  • Proprietary Technology - Numerous patent families with many publications in drug discovery, antibody development and drug validation research.
  • Format Variety - A broad range of formats for the purified targets, such as micelles of detergent, SMALPs, amphipols, nanodiscs and proteoliposomes.

Unlock the potential of custom proteins with Eurofins CALIXAR

Eurofins CALIXAR's high-quality process for custom protein development stands as a testament to our commitment to excellence in the field of drug discovery. Partner with us to experience the power of fully native, stable, and functional proteins, meticulously developed through our advanced and proprietary processes. Experience the difference in precision, quality, and functionality, and propel your research to new heights. Your journey to groundbreaking discoveries begins with Eurofins CALIXAR. 

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Starting from native material or recombinant systems, we succeed with all types of proteins: Kinases, Phosphatases, Ubiquitins, Epigenetic Proteins, GPCRs, Ion Channels, Transporters, Receptors and Viral Proteins.