Membrane protein targets for structure determination

CALIXAR offers high-quality membrane protein crystallization services for scientists and researchers who need to solve the structure and co-structure of precise membrane proteins to adequately produce specific pharmaceutical therapies and biologics.

CALIXAR's Membrane Protein Crystallization and Structural Determination Services

CALIXAR provides high-quality membrane protein crystallization services and stabilizes native target for (bio)drug discovery, Pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, as well as academic teams involved in the life sciences.

CALIXAR’s membrane protein structural determination approach renders pharmaceutical businesses with the possibility to work with high-quality and reliable targets or antigens (native and functional), compatible with any kind of application. This permits the discovery of primary leads via Structure-Based Drug Design (X-ray and cryo-EM) based on full-length and functional membrane proteins that are unique.

CALIXAR’s structural biology services are ideal for:

  • Drug discovery stages (Screening: SBDD; FBDD; Drug Design before hit and lead validation).
  • Preclinical stages (toxicity and mechanism of action studies).

Employ CALIXAR’s structural biology membrane protein crystallization services particularly for native and functional membrane proteins to render:

  • MP crystals and X-ray crystallography structures using classical X-ray or XFEL
  • 3D Structures determination Cryo-EM in collaboration with world leading experts (link PR IGBMC)
  • NMR studies or protein/ligands interaction (Igonet S. et al., Scientific Reports)

Less than 5% of membrane protein structures have currently been discovered today. Most of them are either truncated or mutated and are only ever versions of membrane proteins.

Unlike conventional approaches that would alter the native structure of membrane proteins, CALIXAR’s approach permits implementing biostructural studies starting from the best quality targets (full-length/native, functional and highly pure).

Conventional approaches would alter the native interaction between targets/ligands or targets/hits or targets/lead compounds, targets/partner complexes.

CALIXAR’s program allows for the protection of the functional and structural integrity of these complexes. This has a notable positive force on the quality and reliability of the data from target validation studies and preclinical to clinical studies.

Membrane Protein Crystallization - Structural Biology Studies and 3D Structure Determination

Obtain access to the best stabilized Native, wild-type, unmutated, untruncated and crystal-grade targets to enable structure investigation of membrane proteins alone and in complex with small molecule compounds or antibody fragments.

Save time and money by employing CALIXAR as your unique membrane protein crystallization service provider for all assays all in one place. Obtain precise understandings of sample requirements for structural biology applications (quantity and quality).

We can maintain protein-protein interactions in native environments and thus enables us to generate highly relevant and reliable information about membrane proteins for our clients.

Gain access to CALIXAR's Membrane Protein Structural Determination Technology

Each of our clients obtain access to our exclusive technology and know-how (8 patent families, more than 28 publications).

The CALIXAR® platform utilizes patented technologies only open for clients under specific contracts (license, co-development, and services).

You can leverage CALIXAR’s proprietary technology as well as additional best-in-class membrane protein technology not available anywhere else on the market.

Get access to native and functional Membrane Proteins that are specifically formulated for structural biology studies with expertise in using the state of the art structural biology tools (X-ray crystallography, Cryo-EM and NMR).

See an example of CryoEm structure determination of AcrB transporter: “A collaborative gene-to-structure workflow using cryoEM”

Secure and boost
your discovery programs.

Starting from native material or recombinant systems, we succeed with all types of membrane proteins: GPCRs, Ion Channels, Transporters, Receptors and Viral Proteins.