About us

CALIXAR’s company is backed by a highly skilled team of membrane protein experts with strong values, a network of partners and distributors, a successful history and a business model that is adaptable for many different case scenarios.


CALIXAR’s team is led by corporate values: commitment, perseverance and humanism for best performances and excellence in innovation.


CALIXAR has been developing since 2011 thanks to funding, new patents, opening offices worldwide, joint partnerships, presentations and peer-reviewed articles.

Partners and distributors

With over 30 different partners, CALIXAR's services and products have been serving an impressive list of academia, business, investor and corporate partners.

Business model

CALIXAR develops internal R&D programs to generate scientific data to be shared with partners and future clients and to generate new products.


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Starting from native material or recombinant systems, we succeed with all types of membrane proteins: GPCRs, Ion Channels, Transporters, Receptors and Viral Proteins.