Eurofins CALIXAR is a dynamic and pioneering biotechnology company that has been at the forefront of membrane protein research and technology since its inception in 2011. With a strong commitment to innovation, unwavering perseverance, and a deep-rooted sense of humanism, Eurofins CALIXAR has continually pushed the boundaries in its quest for excellence. Now part of Eurofins Discovery since April 2023, our protein plateforme includes kinases, phosphatases, ubiquitins, epigenetic proteins, and membrane proteins. 

Our team

Eurofins CALIXAR team, November 2023.

Our mission

Our mission is to provide our customers and our partners with the best quality targets/antigens for their discovery projects in order to develop more reliable and better performing drug and vaccine candidates for a better health for all. We provide you with the best-in-class proteins, membrane proteins, and custom protein services.

Capabilities highlights

  • Comprehensive Portfolio - Offers the largest available portfolio of ready-to-use proteins covering key therapeutic target classes, including GPCRs, kinases, phosphatases, ion channels, and more.
  • Custom Membrane Protein services - Eurofins CALIXAR develops and implements full-length membrane proteins while maintaining their structural and functional integrity. 
  • Customized R&D Programs - Depending on the needs of each client (pharmaceutical companies, biotech companies, academic and private institutions, other bio-industries in plant sciences, food ....), Eurofins CALIXAR offers a variety of collaboration modes (fee-for-service, licensing, co-development, exclusivity, multi-partner collaboration schemes, etc.). Each work plan is typically structured in stages with tasks, milestones, deliverables and timelines, with an acceptance or rejection decision by the client between each stage.

In most customer projects, the first steps are feasibility studies for target expression, extraction, purification and production. The final step is often mg scale production of the target. Eurofins CALIXAR can start a project from a genetic sequence or directly from cells provided by the customer. In this case, the project can be started quickly and completed within a few weeks. At each stage, Eurofins CALIXAR will propose specific target quality control tasks. A detailed budget is also proposed.


CALIXAR is Eurofins CALIXAR since April 2023. Rodolphe Simonot is now our new Chief executive Officer. Our company joined Eurofins Discovery, the leading provider of products and services for drug discovery. Eurofins CALIXAR supports Eurofins Discovery in drug discovery industries with its expertise in isolation and stabilization of custom active membrane proteins including GPCRs, ion channels, transporters, and other membrane receptors. We guarantee tailored solutions for our customers with the highest purity levels and the preservation of the structure and function. Eurofins CALIXAR provides you with a large portfolio of ready-to-use proteins including GPCRs, kinases, transporters and others.


CALIXAR founded by Emmanuel DEJEAN, Pierre FALSON (Research Director at the French National Research Center) and INP Entreprise as first investors. At the forefront of the growing demand for high quality targets & new therapeutic pathways, Calixar’ business model was initially built as a Contract Research Organization (CRO) by isolating targets chosen by its customers.


0.87 million euros ($1.2 million) for the first round of financing with regional investment funds (Health Angels Rhône-Alpes, Veymont Finance, Grenoble Angels, Savoie Angels) and a venture capitalist (Siparex).


CALIXAR signs its first contracts in the United States of America. CALIXAR’s added value is based on a state-of-the-art & proprietary R&D platform capable of isolating all types of therapeutic protein targets and addressing all therapeutic areas.


Collaboration with Aston University on Multidrug Resistance Targets (MDR). It concerns the ability of bacteria or cancer cells to survive multiple drugs. Approaches to counter this involve inhibiting efflux pumps that remove drugs from cells, targeting genes responsible for resistance, using combination therapies, modifying existing drugs, and employing immunotherapy or nanotechnologies to bypass these resistance mechanisms.


CALIXAR signs its first contracts in Japan. €1M ($1.13M) in second round financing with historical investors for out-licensing of isolation technologies for complex therapeutic targets and viral antigens.


Official inauguration of the CHEM2STAB joint laboratory with the University of Avignon. Their main goal is to develop new molecules able to extract, stabilize and/or promote the crystallization of membrane proteins allowing the preservation of their structure and function.


In collaboration with ASTRAZENECA, INMED, IGBMC and IBCP, three peer-reviewed articles on membrane protein biochemistry and structural biology were accepted.


Start of internal R&D focused on therapeutic targets for licensing purposes. The development of this kind of business model based on licensing agreements ensures much higher financial returns.


CALIXAR publishes a new article with Roche Pharmaceuticals and The University of Basel (Biozentrum) in Scientific Reports on the extraction and purification of native CD20. The first exclusive license agreement was signed with Regeneron with a target from CALIXAR internal R&D pipeline.


In collaboration with JANSSEN, a peer-reviewed article on membrane protein biochemistry and structural biology was accepted.


CALIXAR invests €1m in the development of its pipeline with 15 new targets to be validated by the Pharma/Biotech partners. Moreover, the laboratory facilities were extended to 450 sqm. More than 600 k€ were invested in equipment.


CALIXAR extended its products and services distribution by several signed distribution agreements around the world: Pidu Biotech, Biohub International Trade, BioBench Solutions, Annoron Biotechnology, Axxora Biotechnology.

As part of its pipeline development, CALIXAR welcomed three new R&D researchers to produce and characterize membrane protein targets and native antigens of high relevance for pharmaceutical companies: Léa Conchou, Amélia Chorfa et Rim Baccouch.

After several digital partnering event due to the COVID pandemic, CALIXAR traveled in different countries during this year to meet scientific and key contacts in pharmaceutical discovery: World Vaccine Congress (Washington – April 2022), European SMALP (Birmingham – April 2022), AMR Conference (Basel – April 2022), Discovery On Target (Boston – October 2022) and PEGS (Barcelona - November 2022).


CALIXAR is now Eurofins CALIXAR, has joined Eurofins Discovery, the leading provider of products and services for the drug discovery industry, to combine their capabilities and accelerate drug discovery research and development. The challenging membrane proteins and native antigens in development at CALIXAR will extend the Eurofins DiscoverX products portfolio to meet growing therapeutic needs.

CALIXAR announces the 12th consecutive year of growth, with nearly 40% in 2022. This is the 5th consecutive year of profit.

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Starting from native material or recombinant systems, we succeed with all types of proteins: Kinases, Phosphatases, Ubiquitins, Epigenetic Proteins, GPCRs, Ion Channels, Transporters, Receptors and Viral Proteins.