Custom Protein Characterization

Once purified, the protein undergoes thorough characterization to assess its purity, function, and structural integrity. Techniques like electrophoresis, micro-scale thermophoresis, spectral shift, fluorescence anisotropy, radioligand binding assay, and spectroscopy are used to analyze the protein's properties. Let's explore the pivotal role of purified proteins to illuminate their structural and functional properties.

Protein characterization involves the detailed analysis of proteins to understand their structure, function, stability, and interaction, which is a crucial aspect of scientific research and drug development. With longstanding experience in protein characterization services, Eurofins CALIXAR employs advanced technologies and expertise to provide comprehensive insights into fully native, stable and functional proteins, including membrane and soluble proteins. The process is designed to maintain the structural and functional integrity of proteins, ensuring high-quality results.

Eurofins CALIXAR offers extended services through valuable partners for protein structure and co-structure determination by X-ray crystallography and cryo-Electron Microscopy.

Unlocking the potential of custom protein production with advanced characterization

Eurofins CALIXAR's approach to protein characterization encompasses a range of techniques and technologies, including Ligand binding assays and Thermal shift assays using cutting-edge systems like Monolith X and Andromeda. These methods allow for the determination of ligand binding parameters, comparison of ligands, and evaluation of thermal stability, among other critical analyses. At Eurofins CALIXAR, we also apply a comprehensive suite of enzymatic assays and stability tests, meticulously designed to provide unparalleled insights into the functionality and endurance of your proteins. Our advanced methodologies ensure thorough properties, setting the gold standard for precision in drug development, as well as vaccine discovery.

Ligand binding assays

Unlock precise insights into protein interactions with cutting-edge ligand binding assays. From MicroScale Thermophoresis with Isothermal Spectral Shift using Monolith X (Nanotemper) for accurate binding parameters to Radioligand Binding Assay and Fluorescence Polarization for comprehensive analysis, our advanced techniques provide unparalleled details for your research needs.

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Thermal shift assays

Explore protein resilience with Thermal stability assays using the Andromeda system (Nanotemper). Witness the unfolding dynamics, from 15 to 95 °C, providing essential data on expression levels, stability, and ligand binding. Trust in our advanced technology to ensure your custom proteins excel exclusively in your studies.

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Why protein characterization matters?

Protein characterization serves as Quality control, holding paramount significance in custom protein production, particularly for achieving fully native, stable, and functional proteins. Understanding the intricate details of each protein is essential for delivering optimal results in various applications.

Functional validation

Custom protein production is an intricate process that involves translating your design into a functional biological entity. Protein characterization serves as the bridge between your design expectations and the actual behavior of the synthesized protein. It provides invaluable insights into the protein binding capacities and its binding measurement – crucial elements for successful application in various scientific and industrial contexts.

Preservation of native structure

Ensure produced proteins closely preserving their native structures. This is critical for maintaining biological relevance and functionality, enabling the high accuracy and feasibility for the further studies, especially for drug development. 

Stability assessment

Allows for a detailed analysis of stability, ensuring that custom proteins remain structurally intact over time. This feature is crucial for consistent and reliable performance in diverse applications.

Purity assurance

A robust quality assurance step, guaranteeing that each batch of customized proteins meets stringent standards for purity and consistency.

Highlighting the exceptional standards in custom protein production, our process ensures high protein recovery and purity, typically exceeding 90% as assessed by SDS-PAGE analysis.

By thoroughly understanding the characteristics of each custom protein, we guarantee reliable and reproducible results for your research or industrial processes.

Partner with Eurofins CALIXAR for unparalleled expertise

At Eurofins CALIXAR, we are your exclusive providers of custom protein, as well as your experts in scientific advancement and industrial innovation. Our commitment to excellence, coupled with advanced protein characterization capabilities, positions us as the ideal choice for your bespoke protein needs.

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Starting from native material or recombinant systems, we succeed with all types of proteins: Kinases, Phosphatases, Ubiquitins, Epigenetic Proteins, GPCRs, Ion Channels, Transporters, Receptors and Viral Proteins.