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Fully-Native Membrane Proteins for Drug Discovery

Offering Custom Protein Services, from Design to Large-scale Production, to generate Functional & Stable Proteins

Recombinant Proteins for Drug Discovery

Production of Active & Pure Proteins to advance your research

New product

Recombinant Human CD20
(Cluster of Differentiation 20)

Full-length, Functional & Purified Receptor for Developing Cancer Therapies

Custom Protein Services

A world reference in custom active protein production

Our robust and reliable custom proteins stand out as some of the world's finest for advancing new drugs, antibodies, formulating vaccines, and uncovering primary leads via Structure-Based Drug Design or High Throughput Screening assays.

Protein Construct Design
Protein Construct Design

Protein Construct Design

Protein constructs with custom tags/fusion align with your project goals.

Protein Expression
Protein Expression

Protein Expression

Cutting-edge technology ensures high-yield, optimal protein performance.

Protein Solubilization & Stabilization
Protein Solubilization & Stabilization

Protein Solubilization & Stabilization

Expert techniques enhance solubility and stability using proprietary reagents.

Protein Purification
Protein Purification

Protein Purification

State-of-the-art methods isolate proteins with efficiency and quality.

Protein Characterization
Protein Characterization

Protein Characterization

Comprehensive analysis provides insights into structural and functional attributes.

Large-Scale Protein Production
Large-Scale Protein Production

Large-Scale Protein Production

Trust us to scale up your protein target with quality and quantity in mind.

Protein Identification
Protein Identification

Protein Identification

Precision protein identification for unrivaled structural and functional insights.


Expedite your drug discovery programs with custom proteins designed for your needs

Discover the diversity of our custom protein solutions in breakthrough applications in drug discovery, antibody development, structural biology, vaccine discovery and bioassay development.


Take advantage of our 10+ year expertise in custom protein production for your research

Eurofins CALIXAR excels through precise processes ensuring top-notch quality, showcased by successful case studies and a proven track record in pioneering solutions for drug discovery. Our commitment to excellence extends to contributing to scientific literature, sharing insights, and advancing knowledge in membrane protein stabilization and therapeutic development.

High-Quality Proprietary Process

Our advanced technology ensures the production of fully native, wild-type, unaltered, and untruncated targets, providing a foundation for reliable and consistent results in drug discovery.

Case Studies

Observe real-world success stories as our innovative solutions empower partners to overcome challenges, accelerate timelines, and achieve breakthroughs in drug discovery, highlighting the impact of our commitment to fully native, stable, and functional proteins.

Track Record

With 10+ years of expertise, we boast a successful track record across multiple soluble proteins and all membrane protein families, establishing us as a trusted partner for diverse research initiatives involving custom active proteins.


Investigate our contributions to biotechnology and drug discovery through our publications in leading scientific journals. Our research, methodologies, and findings exemplify our dedication to advancing the field with high-quality custom proteins.

Why trust us

Eurofins CALIXAR, your expert provider of custom proteins for your research and integrated drug discovery programs.

Eurofins CALIXAR is the first to produce native, wild-type, unmutated and untruncated targets. Develop reliable and effective drugs and antibodies as they are not locked in any specific conformation.

Pharmaceutical companies, biotechnology firms and academic teams already trust us.

10+ year experience in custom protein development

Access to all tools (including proprietary reagents) for soluble and membrane proteins.

High-level scientific support (PhD managers).

Weekly reporting on project progress.

Transfer of all experimental procedures and detailed results.

Direct management of downstream process with Eurofins discovery services and other CROs.


Latest News & Insights

Discover the latest innovation in protein technology with Eurofins CALIXAR! Explore our news appearances, press releases, and biotech events to learn more about our commitment to delivering custom proteins.
April 4, 2024

New Pure & Active CD20 protein for Drug Discovery!

October 20, 2023

Eurofins CALIXAR will attend the 3rd IRN I-GPCRNET Annual Meeting from October 25th to 27th, 2023

October 13, 2023

New molecules for the stabilization of membrane proteins, a new research article

April 28, 2023

CALIXAR will attend the Protein & Antibody Engineering Summit (PEGS US) on May 15 – 19 2023 at Boston

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April 6, 2023

Eurofins Discovery Acquires CALIXAR, Expanding Integrated Drug Discovery Capabilities and Expertise

March 24, 2023

Résultats de l’année 2022 - Results of the year 2022

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Starting from native material or recombinant systems, we succeed with all types of proteins: Kinases, Phosphatases, Ubiquitins, Epigenetic Proteins, GPCRs, Ion Channels, Transporters, Receptors and Viral Proteins.