Large-Scale Protein Production

Discover tailored protein production solutions with Eurofins CALIXAR – offering customizable packages to suit your project's unique needs. Our expertise ensures high-quality results while maintaining the integrity of fully native proteins. Explore the pinnacle of custom protein expression with Eurofins CALIXAR's advanced services.

At Eurofins CALIXAR, we pride ourselves on our cutting-edge capabilities, meticulously designed to adapt to the intricate features required for large-scale protein production. Our state-of-the-art facility stands as a beacon of versatility, scalability, and unwavering commitment to quality, offering a comprehensive solution for diverse protein engineering needs.

Eurofins CALIXAR - Pioneering Large-Scale Protein Production with versatility and precision

Unlock the full potential of large-scale protein production with Eurofins CALIXAR — an expert in the protein production, meticulously engineered to adapt and excel in meeting the diverse and intricate features required for protein engineering at an industrial scale.

Scaling up production involves leveraging adaptable methodologies, such as utilizing bioreactors and flasks, to enhance the expression capacity effectively and efficiently. These techniques enable the amplification of production volumes while maintaining flexibility and optimizing resources to meet increased demands.

The production capacity is designed to accommodate the generation of milligram quantities of soluble proteins, with an additional capability to produce up to 10 milligrams of membrane proteins. This dual capacity ensures versatility in meeting diverse protein production needs, encompassing both soluble and membrane proteins.

Quality assurance is maintained through a rigorous adherence to standardized operating procedures (SOPs), ensuring uniformity and consistency in the production of each batch. These meticulous SOPs serve as the framework for precision in executing scientifically-defined protocols at every stage of the process, thereby safeguarding the reliability and reproducibility of the final product. Each product has its own certificate of analysis (CoA) according to its production batch.

The process involves large-scale production, facilitated by a sophisticated purification step utilizing Aktas technology, an automated system designed for streamlined and efficient purification processes. This advanced purification technique, Aktas, operates automatically, optimizing the purification of proteins at scale. Its automation enhances the precision and speed of purification, ensuring high-quality and consistent output, particularly when handling substantial production volumes.

  1. Scalability expertise: We boast various unparalleled scalability, from ug to mg. Our production facility is engineered to meet the demands of projects of varying sizes with efficiency and precision.
  2. Versatility in expression systems: We understand the importance of versatility in expression systems. Eurofins CALIXAR is equipped to handle a spectrum of expression platforms, from microbial and mammalian cells to insect cells, ensuring the production of proteins with diverse characteristics.
  3. Customization and flexibility: At Eurofins CALIXAR, we stand out for its commitment to customization and flexibility. Tailoring our services to meet the unique requirements of each project, we offer the flexibility to adjust expression conditions, purification strategies, and other critical parameters.
  4. Quality control excellence: Our stringent quality control measures cover every step of the production process, ensuring the highest standards of protein concentration, purity, identity, and functionality. The custom proteins are also characterized by various tests to verify the high quality, stable functional in remaining native protein structures.
  5. Continuous process optimization: Eurofins CALIXAR is dedicated to continuous process optimization. We fine-tune various parameters, including fermentation conditions and purification methods, to maximize yields, minimize costs, and maintain consistent product quality.
  6. Advanced purification techniques: Implementing advanced purification techniques is ingrained in our approach. Eurofins CALIXAR utilizes state-of-the-art methods such as chromatography, filtration, and affinity processes to achieve the highest purity in proteins from complex mixtures.
  7. Timely delivery commitment: At Eurofins CALIXAR, our production facility is always geared towards meeting project timelines, ensuring the timely delivery of the final product.

Optimizing success: stringent quality control in Large-Scale Protein Production with Eurofins CALIXAR

Throughout the entire large-scale protein production process, stringent quality control measures are crucial to producing proteins that meet the desired specifications. Each step requires careful optimization to achieve high yields, maintain protein integrity, and ensure the final product's suitability for its intended application. The specific details of the process may vary based on the expression system used (e.g., microbial, mammalian, human, insect-based) and the characteristics of the target protein.

Embark on a journey of unparalleled large-scale protein production with Eurofins CALIXAR — where innovation, expertise, and reliability converge to unlock the full potential of your protein engineering endeavors. Partner with us, and let's elevate possibilities together.

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