Novel Additive Crystallization Kit

November 8, 2017


Calixar™’s new C2B additive kit provides a range of novel, patented surfactants that can aid membrane protein purification. This exciting new kit provides two varieties of stabilizing surfactants: Calixarenes and fluorinated poly(tris) and bis-glucose surfactants.

Membrane protein crystallization is notoriously difficult being constrained by the requirement for lipids to structure the membrane domain and the imperfect folding of proteins outside this specific environment. Amphiphilic molecules such as detergents tend to replace lipids for structural bliology as they solubilize the protein in protein/detergent complexes via interactions between protein transmembrane domains and detergent hydrophobic tails while simultaneously exposing hydrophilic detergent head groups and protein soluble domains to aqueous media.

Unfortunately, detergents display poor structuring properties – they mask the hydrophobic region of the membrane protein with bulky micelles which prevent the hydrophilic regions from creating protein/protein contacts necessary for the formation and stabilization of crystals and complexes.

In contrast, the molecules in the C2B Kit, developed and exclusively manufactured by CALIXAR™, have been proven to increase both stability in solution and crystallogenesis of membrane proteins. Calixar™’s C2B kit is exclusively available to buy from Molecular Dimensions.

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