Leptospirosis Antigen Identification

February 1, 2017

CALIXAR, the French biotech company specialized in the functional and native isolation / identification of complex therapeutic targets and antigens, announces the publication of new patent “leptospira immunoprotective proteins and methods of identification and use thereof” (WO 2016134373 A2). The invention, co-owned by Merial, Calixar, Genostar, Vetagro-Sup and Institut Pasteur, provides compositions and methods for eliciting heterologous protective immunity in animals against specific membrane proteins markers of Leptospiris virulence.

The Leptospira spp. immunoprotective peptides disclosed herein elicit protective immunity against subsequent challenge or exposure to at least two Leptospira spp. serovars. This is the result of a 4-year ongoing collaborative work within the COVALEPT Consortium.


COVALEPT gathers a consortium of the following partners: Merial (coordinator), Calixar, Genostar, Vetagro-Sup, PX Therapeutics and Institut Pasteur.
The project aims at providing a leptospirosis vaccine candidate with canine and potentially multi-species application, using bioinformatics, molecular and biochemical tools allowing to accelerate the discovery and development of this specific target as well as other bacterial antigen targets (More information).

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