CALIXAR will attend the digital BIO KOREA International Convention on June 9 – 21, 2021

May 28, 2021

CALIXAR team will be present at the online BIO KOREA International Convention event, from June 9 to 21, 2021 to discuss about commercial and scientific opportunities linked to our activities.

CALIXAR is a biotech company specialized in the identification and isolation of functional membrane therapeutic targets and antigens (GPCRs, Ion channels, Transporters, …). The company is currently investing in the extension of its pipeline of highly druggable membrane protein targets and native antigens. Within the next few years, CALIXAR will be able to offer to Pharma companies native and functional therapeutic targets validated and in a ready-to-discovery format.

The biotech company wants to become a leader in the early discovery segment of drug development based on complex therapeutic targets (membrane proteins), a market predicted to be worth € 70 bn by 2025.

About BIO KOREA International Convention

BIO KOREA has been held every year since 2006 and serving as a business platform for international bio companies. This 15th-year event brings together various international academics, professionals, and CEOs of global bio companies to obtain, exchange, and discuss diverse affairs, through exhibitions, business forums (partnering), and conferences. BIO KOREA has been providing abundant opportunities to assure competitive edges within the convergence industry centered around biotechnology.

For more information and meet us: BIO KOREA International Convention

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