CALIXAR is willing to contribute to stop outbreak of Coronavirus

February 19, 2020

Over 150 million people are under Coronavirus lockdown (mainly in China). The World Health Organization warned that the novel coronavirus was a “very grave threat” for the world. No specific treatment or vaccine against this virus is currently available, which causes respiratory failure and death.

At Calixar, we’d like to help by offering our vaccine toolbox engine, to any laboratory who wanted to collaborate and unlock vaccine development of such challenging virus.

We previously reported the use of novel surfactants to enable low dose split inactivated vaccine protection against influenza infection (Mandon E et al., Vaccine, 2020). Great results were also obtained for other challenging enveloped viruses such as Arbovirus (Chikungunya,…)  and HIV (Jawhari A et al., World Vaccine Congress, Washington 2017). Please feel free to join efforts against Coronavirus, help stopping the outbreak and saving lives.

Contact us at [email protected]

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