CALIXAR Bio’Innov Laureate

April 3, 2015

CALIXAR wins the 2015 Bio’Innov Competitiveness’ award

Lyon, April 03, 2015 – CALIXAR, biotech company specialized in the native isolation of complex therapeutic targets and antigens, received the Bio’Innov Competitiveness trophy upon the Entrepreneurship Spring Event organized by the MEDEF, the French Business Confederation representing 800.000 companies worldwide. Attributed by « Banque Populaire Loire-Lyonnais (BP2L) » – the main financial partner of the company – this prize rewards the competitiveness and innovation.

Clément BAUDRAND (BP2L) – Emmanuel DEJEAN (CEO, Calixar) – Martine MOULY (CAO, Calixar) – Jean DUPLAY (BP2L)

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