CALIXAR announces the commercialization of a new Screening Kit for the solubilization and stabilization of Membrane Proteins

December 9, 2021

Expert in the production and purification of membrane proteins for 10 years, CALIXAR has developed with its joint research chemistry lab Chem2Stab (University of Avignon) reagents for the solubilization and stabilization of a wide range of membrane therapeutic targets (GPCRs, ion channels, transporters, enzymes, …).Membrane proteins are insoluble in water and have poor stability outside their native membrane environment. To reach high solubilization rate and high protein stability, CALIXAR has recently designed a screening kit with 5 soft proprietary detergents and 5 soft proprietary stabilization reagents.You will be able to test each reagent individually or to formulate your own mix (including with other commercial detergents) for optimizing the solubilization rate and simultaneously maintaining the best stability of your protein of interest.This unique kit allows biochemists to determine the best conditions for producing pure, stabilized, and functional membrane proteins.Find more information on this kit on our website: CALIXAR™ Screening Kit

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