Custom Protein Services

Tailored excellence for custom proteins

Protein production is a cornerstone of modern scientific research and critical to multiple fields, from drug discovery to structural biology. The ability to customize and characterize proteins is pivotal for understanding their structure and function, making it a fundamental process in diverse research domains.

At Eurofins CALIXAR, we offer a comprehensive suite of protein services designed to address the unique requirements of both membrane proteins, such as GPCRs and ion channels, and soluble proteins like phosphatases, kinases, epigenetic proteins and enzymes. This intricate process comprises several key steps, from protein construct design to large-scale production, each guided by precision and scientific expertise.

Mastering the protein production: from design to large-scale 

Protein Construct Design

Our process begins with protein construct design, involving critical elements such as protein tagging, lead sequences, cleavage sequences, and deorphanization. Our expertise ensures the precise design, which is critical to achieving functional proteins with native structural attributes.

Protein Expression / Extraction

The choice of expression systems plays a pivotal role in achieving successful protein production. Eurofins CALIXAR offers various expression systems, ranging from primary cells to mammalian cells, insect cells, yeast, and bacteria. Each system is carefully selected to match the specific requirements of your target. Soluble proteins and membrane proteins require tailored approaches. The process involves the extraction and the preservation of native and full-length protein structures, which is essential for natural protein studies. 

Protein Solubilization

Eurofins CALIXAR technology including innovative detergents and polymers

Protein Stabilization

To ensure the stability of custom proteins, innovations are pivotal in protein production. Innovative detergents, stabilizing reagents, MSP nanodiscs, synthetic nanodiscs, and proteoliposomes are employed to stabilize the proteins.

Protein Purification

The purification step is a cornerstone of the production process, where chromatography emerges as a highly advantageous technique. It enables us to isolate and refine your proteins with exceptional precision, resulting in the highest quality and purity. Quality control is carried out by various measures and assays to guarantee the integrity and purity of the proteins, ensuring that the proteins meet the highest standards of quality.


To further understand the protein at a deeper level, we employ a variety of characterization techniques, including ligand binding assays, thermal shift assays, and stability tests. With our 20-year-experience in protein production, our expertise provides valuable insights into the functional properties of the proteins, shedding light on their functions and interactions.

Large-Scale Production

Once the proteins are successfully active, the processes are scaled up to meet the demands of large-scale research or industrial applications.  ensuring the production of functional proteins in substantial quantities.

Protein Identification

Eurofins CALIXAR masters protein identification through advanced LC-MS tech. They discover unknown proteins targeted by specific ligands using Co-IP and mass spectrometry. Tailored services in drug discovery and clinical stages focus on membrane protein interactions. Their structural techniques—X-ray crystallography, NMR, and cryo-EM—provide key insights. Sophisticated methods like Co-IP, chromatography, and AS-MS validate protein-ligand interactions concisely.

Custom proteins: adaptive for tailored results

At Eurofins CALIXAR, we offer a comprehensive suite of services that cater to both membrane and soluble proteins. Whether you are delving into the intricacies of membrane proteins or exploring the functionalities of soluble proteins such as phosphatases, kinases, and enzymes, our scientific expertise and cutting-edge technology are at your disposal. Eurofins CALIXAR specializes in adapting the conditions of protein production according to the unique characteristics of the target, ensuring that you receive proteins that meet your specific needs. With 20-year-experience on protein production, we tailor our advanced technology to ensure the production of functional, native, and full-length proteins.

Experience the difference with Eurofins CALIXAR Custom Protein Services and take your research to new heights. Unlock the potential of proteins and step onto scientific discovery and innovation.

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Starting from native material or recombinant systems, we succeed with all types of proteins: Kinases, Phosphatases, Ubiquitins, Epigenetic Proteins, GPCRs, Ion Channels, Transporters, Receptors and Viral Proteins.