New Pure & Active CD20 protein for Drug Discovery!

April 4, 2024

We are excited to introduce our latest addition to our product lineup - CD20 Receptor! Our recombinant protein has the potential to significantly impact the field of immunology and beyond with its native full-length structure and unparalleled functionality.

CD20 receptor plays a role in biotechnology, providing a potent tool to study immune cell dynamics, investigating B-cell malignancies, and advancing therapeutic development. With its native full-length composition, researchers can explore the intricate mechanisms of immune response with precision and accuracy.

Unlike conventional proteins, which often lack a full-length native structure due to truncated variants, our receptor CD20 offers a functional solution with fully native integrity. The key advantage of our fully native protein lies in its ability to accurately mimic the natural structure and function of CD20 molecules found in vivo. By preserving the native conformation, our protein retains its biological activity, ensuring more reliable and physiologically relevant experimental results in research applications. Furthermore, the preserved integrity enhances stability, reducing the risk of denaturation or degradation, leading to improved reproducibility and consistency in experiments.

With over 10 years of experience, Eurofins CALIXAR is proud to offer a CD20 Protein with over 95% purity and stability over free-thaw cycles, making it an ideal candidate for therapeutic antibody development, structural research, and drug screening applications.

Whether you are exploring cancer therapeutics or seeking innovative solutions for immune diseases, our native full-length CD20 protein serves as an invaluable tool for studying immune cell dynamics, investigating B-cell malignancies, and developing targeted therapies with greater precision and efficacy. Join us in embracing the future of immunology and biomedical research with CD20 Protein.

Ready to unlock the potential of CD20 Protein? Contact us today to learn more and secure your supply of this groundbreaking innovation.

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