Novel Solubilization Screening Method

November 21, 2016

CALIXAR new article published on novel Biotinylated Membranes Solubilization and Separation method (BMSS)

CALIXAR to publish a new article entitled “Novel systematic detergent screening method for membrane proteins solubilization”.

The article describes, a systematic screening method called BMSS (Biotinylated Membranes Solubilization & Separation) that allow screening 96 conditions at once. Streptavidine magnetic beads are used to separate solubilized proteins from remaining biotinylated membranes after solubilization. Relative quantification of dot blots help to select the best conditions to be confirmed by classical ultra-centrifugation and western blot. Classical detergents with different physical-chemical characteristics, novel calixarene based detergents and combination of both, were used for solubilization trials to obtain broad spectrum of conditions.

This work shows the application of BMSS to discover solubilization conditions of a GPCR target (MP-A) and a transporter (MP-B). The selected conditions allowed the solubilization and purification of non-aggregated and homogenous native membrane proteins A and B. Taken together, BMSS represent a rapid, reproducible and high throughput assessment of solubilization toward biochemical/functional characterization, biophysical screening and structural investigations of membrane proteins of high biological and medical relevance.

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