New review article and award

April 8, 2016

CALIXAR and ASTON UNIVERSITY announce the acceptance of a new review entitled “Overcoming bottlenecks in the membrane protein structural biology pipeline” by Alice Rothnie, David Hardy, Roslyn Bill, and Anass Jawhari in Biochemical Society Transactions.

This review falls within the framework of the collaborative research agreement between ASTON and CALIXAR (BBSRC Industrial CASE studentship) on multidrug resistance targets (read the full document).

Recently, David Hardy (BBSRC Industrial CASE student / on the left), was awarded an ‘ABC Young Investigator’ prize for his poster presentation and oral presentation at the 6th Special Meeting on ATP-Binding Casette (ABC) Proteins held in Innsbruck, March 5th to the 11th 2016.

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