CALIXAR joins the Enterprise Europe Network

May 6, 2021

CALIXAR has recently joined the Enterprise European Network to bring its knowledge of native membrane proteins to European research.

CALIXAR is a biotech company specialized in the identification and isolation of functional membrane therapeutic targets and antigens. Thanks to its fully native approach CALIXAR gave the opportunity to its partners to work with high-quality and reliable targets or antigens and open new therapeutic pathways.

The company works currently on a new pipeline of highly druggable membrane protein targets and native antigens. These novel targets could significantly improve the success rate of clinical studies and open new therapeutic pathways (drug discovery, antibodies, development, screening of small molecules, …) involving GPCRs, Ion channels and transporters.

CALIXAR is open to participate and develop European projects based on membrane proteins and is looking forward to collaborating with other European research actors.

About Enterprise Europe Network

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Feel free to visit CALIXAR's profile on Enterprise Europe Network.

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