CALIXAR and AFSBio finalize a distribution agreement

January 19, 2021

Under this agreement, AFSBio will promote and distribute CALIXAR’s high-quality membrane protein targets (for antibody development, drug discovery, and vaccine formulation) and customized reagents specifically designed for the extraction and/or stabilization of membrane proteins.

AFSBio’s team has also the ability to support its customers in their projects, involving membrane proteins by providing them CALIXAR’s expertise and services in native isolation and purification of membrane proteins. 

About AFSBio

AFSBio was founded in 2019. As a leading distributor of life science equipment and reagents, AFSBio works with Canadian researchers, hospitals, and biopharma companies, searching to increase efficiencies, reduce costs, and streamline their workflow in the lab.

For more information: AFSBio website

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