Purified membrane proteins

CALIXAR extends and completes chemistry and biochemistry tools to isolate full-length membrane proteins with the highest levels of purity while retaining their structural and functional integrity.


CALIXAR's GPCRs are available as wild-type and full-length proteins to produce new conformational antibodies, small molecule screening or various assays.

Ion Channels

CALIXAR's ion channels are used by top scientists in their pursuits of pharmaceutical development, antibody discovery, vaccine validation, and therapeutic assays.


CALIXAR’s transporters are utilized in the validation of new molecules, the discovery of therapeutic antibodies, and use as therapeutic targets for multi-drug resistance studies.

Other targets

CALIXAR adapts its technology to all types of membrane targets.

Purified membrane proteins FAQs

CALIXAR’s technology is an integrated set of conventional and patented protocols for the high-quality extraction, stabilization, and purification of membrane proteins. We offer both off-the-shelf purified membrane proteins as well as membrane protein purification as a service.

We have assisted over 100 companies in different biotechnology or pharmacology fields such as ion-channel research, drug discovery, and others in the fight against diseases including diabetes, analgesia, CNS disorders, and more. With our extensive portfolio of partnered research in membrane proteins, we continue to offer additional tools and associated services for ion channels, GPCRs, transporters, and every other membrane protein.

All of our protocols are routinely validated for their intended application. We produce everything required to purify membrane proteins, including the newest generation of extraction and/or stabilization tools (as polymers, nanodiscs, ..) available on the market today.

Our technology also provides all the formulations required for specific functional assays of purified membrane proteins.

What do calixar's purified membrane proteins allow clients to do?

One of the limitations of membrane protein structural biology is expressing the membrane protein of interest. The challenge lies in not only expressing the protein of interest but also expressing it to a high level in its native conformity.

CALIXAR’s pipeline provides targets involved in a wide range of diseases and can be helpful for many discovery programs. Thanks to our expertise in purified membrane proteins, CALIXAR produces the best targets on the membrane protein market.

All purified membrane proteins are sold in their full length and in their native conformity to lead successful researches in terms of drug screening, antibody discovery, and vaccine formulation.

Who are calixar's purified protein membranes ideal for?

All actors involved in life science projects can benefit from purified membrane proteins: pharmaceutical companies, biotechnology companies, and academic research centers.

What are our clients able to do thanks to calixar's purified protein membranes?

Thanks to our membrane proteins pipeline, our clients can have confidence in the quality and purity of the protein. All of CALIXAR’s membrane protein products can be used to perform discovery programs, to develop new therapeutics drugs, antibodies, and vaccine development.

What are some problems that calixar's purified membrane proteins solve?

Membrane proteins are insoluble in water and have poor stability outside their native membrane environment. Therefore, their extraction from the membrane is a major challenge and may result in denaturation and/or aggregation of the protein once removed from their native environment. This is a critical step that represents the main obstacle for membrane proteins biochemistry and structural biology.

What are the biggest advantages of calixar's purified membrane proteins?

To study the function and structure of membrane proteins, high quantities of pure and stable proteins are needed. All purified membrane proteins of CALIXAR have produced in the best conditions to preserve their stability, their full functionality, and their purity. Our proteins allow our customers to start their work with biological material of extreme accuracy, allowing them to carry out their experiments in the best conditions.

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Starting from native material or recombinant systems, we succeed with all types of membrane proteins: GPCRs, Ion Channels, Transporters, Receptors and Viral Proteins.