Therapeutic Antibody Engineering Workshop

March 1, 2016

CALIXAR, the French Biotech company specialized in the isolation of native membrane protein targets, will present its native and stable membrane protein isolation for conformational antibody discovery at the “Therapeutic Antibody Engineering Workshop” organized by MabDesign and Lyonbiopole in Lyon (France) on April 12th 2016. Dr. Anass JAWHARI (Chief Scientific Officer) will describe CALIXAR expertise for antibody discovery around 1:50 PM. He will then be available for discussions during the B2B Networking session starting from 3:45 PM.


Gathering academic labs, biotech and pharma companies, the workshop intends to assess the different approaches used for structural and biophysical caracterization of therapeutic antibodies as well as the technologies allowing their optimization (click on the link below for more information).


MabDesign is a membership organization dedicated to the creation of a unique environment that allows the economic development and growth of the French industrial sector in the field of therapeutic antibody and immunotherapy. Issued from governmental and health industry recommendations, MabDesign was created in November of 2014 and is strategically located in Lyon, at the heart of Europe.

Contact: [email protected]
DATES : April 12th 2016
MORE INFO : Workshop

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