Membrane protein transporters

CALIXAR’s membrane protein transporters assist our clients to develop, improve, validate new molecules, and discover therapeutic antibodies via multi-drug resistance studies.


Use CALIXAR’s Acriflavine resistance Protein B (AcrB) to aid in the development, refinement, and validation of new molecules and therapeutic antibodies.


Apply CALIXAR's unique Bacillus subtilis multidrug resistant ABC transporters (BmrA) as a powerful therapeutic target for multi-drug resistance studies.

Transporters FAQs

What are calixar's purified membrane protein transporters?

Membrane transport proteins are involved in nutrient capture, antibiotic efflux, protein secretion, toxin production, photosynthesis, oxidative phosphorylation, photosynthesis, environmental sensing, and other vital functions in all organisms from microbe to humans.

Therapeutics molecules are mainly linked to transporters because drugs are vehicles from different biologic membranes. Membrane Protein Transporters ensure the absorption and distribution roles of drugs in various kinds of tissue (placenta, kidney, central nervous system).

What do calixar's membrane protein transporters allow clients to do?

CALIXAR’s Membrane Proteins Transporters are powerful therapeutic targets for projects of multi-drug resistance studies involving bacterial resistance to antibiotics.

Who are calixar's membrane protein transporters ideal for?

All actors involved in life science projects can benefit from purified membrane proteins: pharmaceutical companies, biotechnology companies, and academic research centers.

Our Membrane Protein Transporters are most suited for these types of life science projects:

What are our clients able to do thanks to calixar's membrane protein transporters?

With CALIXAR’s Membrane Protein Transporters, our clients can develop and validate news molecules and therapeutics antibodies. These targets are produced full-length and by maintaining their integral functions and conformity which allow them to obtain the best results in terms of development and validation of drugs.

What are some problems that calixar's membrane protein transporters solve?

Thanks to their high purity and stability, CALIXAR’s Membrane Protein Transporters can avoid interferences in discovery programs due to less pure and functional membrane proteins.

What are the biggest advantages of calixar's membrane protein transporters?

CALIXAR’s Membrane Protein Transporters are the first wild-type and unmutated transporters on the market. They are produced in order to maintain their native integrities and functionalities with a level of purity higher than 90%.

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