Membrane protein expression services

CALIXAR provides high-quality membrane protein expression and production services for (bio)drug discovery for Pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, as well as academic teams involved in the life sciences.

CALIXAR's Membrane Protein Expression Services

Work with high-quality and reliable expression systems for producing targets or antigens that are compatible with all applications. This includes developing antibodies and/or discovering primary leads.

Our Membrane Protein Expression Service is an ideal solution for scientists or researchers who encounter expression issues (low yield, aggregates, low functionality, high toxicity) for any specific membrane protein.

We provide high-quality and reliable expression systems for producing targets or antigens that are compatible with a broad range of drug discovery applications. This includes the discovery of primary leads, structure based drug design and the development of antibodies and vaccine formulation.

Utilize CALIXAR’s membrane proteins expression service to produce native and functional:

  • GPCRs,
  • Transporters,
  • Ion Channels,
  • Receptors,
  • Enzymes
  • Viral envelop complexes

We can do this in all type of expression systems:

  • Prokaryotic systems (E.coli),
  • Eukaryotic systems (Yeast, CHO, HEK, Insect Cells): glycosylated, phosphorylated proteins

Unlike conventional approaches that would alter the native structure of membrane proteins, CALIXAR’s approach allows the conservation of the functional and structural integrities of the targets/ antigens. This has a significantly positive impact on the quality of the protein and on the success of proteomics, drug discovery applications (including vaccine, small molecules, and antibody development).

  • Avoid problems of low yield, toxicity, aggregates.
  • Identify the best conditions to give the best chances to the projects.

CALIXAR is unique on the market and at the vanguard of Membrane protein extraction/solubilization, purification and characterization services. Our technological platform allows to maximize the chances of success of drug discovery projects related to highly challenging and druggable targets.

Fine-tune expression conditions and implement systems in parallel.

Our native approach increases success when expressing and or manufacturing reliable targets or antigens by adapting the expression conditions for each specific target.

With our technology and expertise in membrane protein expressing even the most challenging membrane protein targets, we are able to evaluate and qualify the reliability of any expression process for our clients. Our membrane protein expression service helps clients to implement different expression systems in parallel and fine-tune the expression conditions and evaluate the quality of the expressed proteins. This also improves the relevance of the expression system to specific applications. We offer the possibility to over-express the proteins of interest without compromising their structure and function.

  • Find the best system and process for expressing native, wild-type, unmutated and untruncated MP targets.
  • Qualify the reliability of an expression system/process used to produce specific targets or antigens.
  • Produce at the best-optimized expression yield, native, wild-type, unmutated and untruncated MP targets.

See press release with Thermo Fisher

Gain access to CALIXAR's Membrane Protein Expression Technology.

All of our clients gain access to our proprietary technologies and expertise (8 patent families, more than 28 publications).

CALIXAR discovers and develops new procedures to express and isolate full-length membrane therapeutic targets (GPCRs, ion channels, receptors, transporters, and viral targets) with the highest purity and functionality levels.

The CALIXAR® platform uses patented technology only available for our clients under specific agreements (license, co-development, and service).

You can leverage CALIXAR’s proprietary technology as well as other best-in-class membrane protein technology that is not found anywhere else on the market. Get access to our proprietary technology and know-how (7 patent families, 15 publications).

This combined approach guarantees that our Membrane Proteins are expressed in the best conditions with optimized yields and expression rates. No contaminants or aggregates are found in our production.

Secure and boost
your discovery programs.

Starting from native material or recombinant systems, we succeed with all types of membrane proteins: GPCRs, Ion Channels, Transporters, Receptors and Viral Proteins.