Membrane protein thermal stability assays

CALIXAR proposes Thermal Stability Assays to get information about expression levels, stability and ligand binding of membrane proteins. The Andromeda system (Nanotemper) gives protein thermal unfolding data to help scientists to define optimal expression conditions that ensure the highest expression level together with the best thermal stability of membrane proteins.

Protein Characterization with Thermal Stability Assays

Access to the latest technology of Thermal Stability Assays using Andromeda system (Nanotemper).

Andromeda measures the thermal unfolding of a protein by detecting changes in fluorescence during a thermal ramp.

Sample volume
10 μl
Samples analyzed per run
Up to 48
Temperature range
15 - 95 °C
Polyhistine Tag
Protein sample
Cell lysate
Cell membrane
Purified protein

Muscarinic Acetylcholine Receptor M4-GFP in HEK cells

Expression level and thermal-stability measurement of M4-GFP during a time course of expression in HEK cell lysate.

50.18 ± 0.16
50.78 ± 0.20
15 - 951.49 ± 0.945 °C

Purified Adenosine A2A Receptor

Thermal-stability measurement of A2AR purified in different detergent conditions in presence of ligands.

38.93 ± 0.7
40.60 ± 0.1
+ CGS-21680 (agonist)
48.74 ± 0.1
49.63 ± 0.1
+ ZM-241385 (inverse agonist)
44.48 ± 0.1
46.32 ± 0.0

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