Membrane protein identification services

CALIXAR provides high-quality membrane protein identification services for scientists and researchers who need to explain the mechanisms of specific ligands in native environments, or to identify new membrane protein markers of specific diseases or pathologies.

CALIXAR's Membrane Protein Identification Services

CALIXAR’s Membrane Protein Identification services enable pharmaceutical corporations to utilize high-quality and stable targets at all discovery or clinical stages.

CALIXAR’s membrane protein identification services assist our clients in producing information regarding:

  • Mechanism of action of a specific target/ligand or target/hits or target/lead compound.
  • Validation of the localization of targets (a type of membranes).
  • The name of unknown proteins targeted by a specific ligand.
  • The name of unknown proteins partner for a specific target/protein.
  • Identification of new membrane protein markers of a specific disease, pathology (proteomic studies by mass spectrometry).
  • Unknown ligand targeting a specific protein (deorphanization).

Unlike conventional approaches that would alter the native interaction between target/ligand or target/hits or target/lead compound, target/partner complexes, CALIXAR’s approach permits the preservation of the functional and structural integrity of these complexes.

This has a significantly positive result on the quality and reliability of the data from target validation studies and preclinical to clinical studies.

Our technological platform helps to generate reliable hits/leads with better chances to succeed in  during the entire drug discovery and clinical stages.

Our native approach enables to identify new antigens/targets/markers for specific diseases and pathologies.

Identification, Deorphanization, and Localization

CALIXAR provides Proteomic services and deorphanization services at any discovery or clinical stage. We are able to Maintain protein-protein and protein-ligand interactions in native environments.

If you find yourself in one of the following discovery or clinical stages, CALIXAR’s Membrane Protein identification services are ideal for you:

  • Drug discovery stages: target identification and validation, deorphanization, membrane protein localization, studies about the mechanism of action of specific targets/ligands or targets/hits.
  • Clinical stages: complementary studies related to the mechanism of action of specific targets/lead compounds.

Our linked strategy ensures compatibility with many different applications and in particular the identification of targets/ligands and the understanding of the mechanism of action.

We can control protein-protein interactions in the native environment and thus enable our clients to generate highly relevant and reliable information about membrane proteins.

Acquire access to CALIXAR's Identification Technology

All of our clients benefit from our proprietary technology and expertise (8 patent families, more than 28 publications).

The CALIXAR® platform employs patented technology only accessible to clients under various flexible business modalities (license, co-development, and service).

You can leverage CALIXAR’s exclusive technology as well as other best-in-class membrane protein technology not accessible anyplace else on the market today.

Secure and boost
your discovery programs.

Starting from native material or recombinant systems, we succeed with all types of membrane proteins: GPCRs, Ion Channels, Transporters, Receptors and Viral Proteins.