Solubilization, stabilization, and crystallization kits


CALIXAR’s C2B kit aids in the crystallization of membrane proteins that are difficult to crystallize for drug discovery purposes. Increase your protein stability and grow better diffracting crystals.

Compound name: CALIXAR™ C2B Additive Kit

Catalogue number: MD1-109

Stabilizing Surfacants:  Calixarenes1-5, fluorinated poly(tris)6-8, bis-glucose9-11

Chemical structures:  LC001, LC002, LC021, LC036, LC037, LC038, LC039, CALX004SFO, CALX113ACE, CALX163ACE

MW: 2130 – 963.7 (g/mol)

Theor. MW: 0.0170 – 0.0558 (g)


µL: MD1- 109 is presented as a 10 x 50 µL microfuge tubes

Deliverables: 3 x calixarene compounds, 6 x fluorinated and 1 x hydrogenated surfactants

For a typical 24-well experiment: Add 2 µL of membrane protein sample, 0.4
µL of the CALIXAR C2B derivatives
additive and 1.6 µL of a crystallization
screen. The reservoir is filled with 500 µL
of the screen solution.

Stability: Storage for the CALIXAR C2B Kit is 4°C (can be frozen at -20 ° C and heated up to 80°C).

Solubility Structure:  Suggested working pH is between 6-9 to maintain solubility.

What makes us special

CALIXAR™ C2B: We use proprietary technology & custom-built method to give you the edge

CALIXAR’s C2B is a kit of additives for improving protein stability and enhancing the crystallization of proteins (soluble and membrane proteins). This kit includes 10 unique proprietary additives produced by CHEM2STAB, a joint research lab between CALIXAR and Avignon University.

Our C2B kit can be used to help the crystallization of proteins including membrane proteins, mainly for drug discovery objectives. Additives of this kit can be utilized in the crystallization screens prepared for the crystallogenesis process.

Due to these additives, our clients are able to obtain pure crystals of soluble or membrane proteins, used in 3D structure determination. These 3D structures can then be used for designing new pharmaceutical drugs and understanding the mechanisms of actions (co-crystallization of proteins with ligands/nanobodies).

CALIXAR’s C2B kits allow for the testing of up to 10 unique additives, specifically designed to boost the stabilization of membrane proteins. Structural biologists use them in their formulation of purified proteins.

Proprietary mild detergent

CALIXAR’s C2B kit is produced with 10 unique additives specifically designed to promote the stabilization of membrane proteins. This kit is unique, and cannot be found in the market today.

Specifically made for Biotech

CALIXAR™ C2B Additive Kit is used for research, drug discovery, and structural studies that are used in the life science fields. Particularly adapted for biotechnology companies, as well as for academic teams (structural biologists, pharmacologists, biochemists, virologists).

For any Life Science Project
  • Antibodies (including nanobodies, scaffold proteins, aptamers)
  • Small molecules
  • 3D Structures (cryoEM, XRay crystallography, NMR, SANS, SAXS)
  • Drug discovery (Screening: HTS, FBDD, SBDD; Hit and lead validation)
  • Antibody discovery (Immunization and display technologies)
  • Clinical stage (drug validation on reliable native DDLAC)
More documentation

CALIXAR™ C2B Kit References


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Secure and boost
your discovery programs.

Starting from native material or recombinant systems, we succeed with all types of membrane proteins: GPCRs, Ion Channels, Transporters, Receptors and Viral Proteins.