Business model

Whether you are looking for individual services, collaborative internal R&D or off-the-shelf ready to go membrane proteins or reagents, CALIXAR has designed just the business and pricing models to meet your needs.

Collaborating with our Partners

CALIXAR is a corporate company acting in the field of biotechnology/Pharma and life sciences. We develop internal R&D programs to produce scientific data to be shared with partners and future clients and to generate new products (native and purified membrane proteins, detergents/surfactants and additives for membrane protein extraction, stabilization and crystallization) available in our online catalog and through our distributors worldwide.

The use of these products made by CALIXAR is restricted to Research activities and CALIXAR can extend the field of use by specific license agreement with or without exclusivity.

  • Fee For Service (Classical Work Plan)

  • Collaborative and Internal R&D (Case Studies)

  • Off-the-Shelf Products (Proteins and Reagents)

Tailored R&D Programs

Depending on the needs of each client (pharmaceutical companies, biotech, academic and private institutions, other bio-industries in Crop science, food….), CALIXAR offers different ways of collaboration (fee-for-service, licensing, co-development, exclusivity, multi-partners collaborative schemes, etc…). Each work plan is generally structured in different stages with tasks, milestones, deliverables, and timelines with go/no go decision by the client between each stage.

Project Stages

In most of the projects with a client, the first stages are feasibility stages for expression, extraction, purification and production of the target. The final stage is often the production of the target at mg scale. CALIXAR can initiate a project from gene sequence or directly from cells provided by the client. In this case, the project can be initiated quickly and carried out in few weeks. In each stage, CALIXAR proposes specific tasks for the quality control of the target. A detailed budget is also proposed.

We do all our efforts to make our collaboration a unique and high added-value experience

One important topic is the IP rights section of the contracts that must be adapted to take into account that CALIXAR uses proprietary technologies (CALIXAR background IP) in most of its work plans. CALIXAR keeps ownership on its background IP and gives specific rights to the client for using the deliverables resulting from the collaboration in the field of Discovery activities.

Generally, the clients use purified membrane protein targets provided by CALIXAR for screening activities, immunization trials, protein-protein interaction studies, vaccine formulation, crystallization trials among others. Our way of collaboration is to be fast, flexible and accurate. Therefore, our clients can easily integrate the workplan and the budget in their own contract framework as Master Service Agreement, Collaboration Agreement, etc.

During the collaboration, CALIXAR regularly communicates with the client through weekly reporting. A kick-meeting allows to precise all things before starting the work. At the end of each stage, when a go/no decision is required by the client, a meeting is set up to present the results and a report is sent to the client.

Secure and boost
your discovery programs.

Starting from native material or recombinant systems, we succeed with all types of membrane proteins: GPCRs, Ion Channels, Transporters, Receptors and Viral Proteins.